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Richard DeShantz is the Chef/Owner of Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group…offering fine dining in Pittsburgh for over 20 years!

Richard DeShantz, a proud Pittsburgh native, has dedicated the past two decades to enriching the city’s fine dining scene. With his innovative culinary approach and creative finesse, he has indelibly impacted the world of fine dining in Pittsburgh, leaving an enduring legacy. Through his culinary ventures, DeShantz has delighted both local connoisseurs and visiting gourmands, earning widespread acclaim for his exceptional contributions to the city’s fine dining culture.

Among the many renowned establishments he has masterminded, Meat and Potatoes stands as a paragon of his culinary artistry. This elegant restaurant has become synonymous with elevated comfort food, offering a refined twist on classic dishes that captivate the palate and elevate the dining experience.

Tako, another gem in DeShantz’s culinary crown, showcases his talent for infusing traditional flavors with contemporary flair. The restaurant’s fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisines has redefined Pittsburgh’s downtown dining landscape, attracting adventurous diners seeking a symphony of innovative tastes.

Coop DeVille is a testament to DeShantz’s versatility, offering a delightful menu centered around the humble chicken. Here, the familiar is transformed into the extraordinary, as DeShantz’s culinary expertise elevates poultry to gourmet heights, making it a must-visit spot for fine dining enthusiasts.

For those seeking an exceptional brunch experience, Sally Ann’s, under DeShantz’s guidance, has become a beloved institution. This cozy brunch spot serves as a testament to his commitment to offering fine dining experiences throughout the day, redefining brunch in Pittsburgh.

Richard DeShantz’s influence on fine dining in Pittsburgh extends far beyond his restaurant names; it permeates the very essence of the city’s culinary identity. He has played a pivotal role in the renaissance of fine dining in Pittsburgh, infusing it with a sense of pride and sophistication that resonates with both locals and visitors. His dedication, creativity, and deep affection for his hometown continue to shape and elevate Pittsburgh’s fine dining culture.